Cinematically represented art collections

Cinematic Preview Experiences, without geographic limitations

Cinematic Preview Concept
The unique Cinematic Preview concept allows collectors to showcase their collections to a global audience without needing to move the art itself but through a cinematic setting.

Nonterritorial aims to host a rotating 'Cinematic Previews' cycle of curated exhibitions from private and public collections from all over the world. It can completely adapt to a variety of locations, scope, and length, and present a different idea of contemporary art to the public.

What art collectors gain from this is high-end audiovisual documentation of the artwork, and also the opportunity to share it with broader audiences and engage in the conversation with the public in multiple geographies.

Spectators gain access and knowledge of in-depth, aesthetically ambitious experiences in a variety of contexts and locations around the world.

Nonterritorial eco-system continuously adapts to new relations and new curatorial concepts, and aims to express them through 'Cinematic Preview Lounges.' Nonterritorial offers something different from a private museum, which typically represents the taste of an individual founder.

Nonterritorial Cinematic Collection Previews will be organized by a guest curator, who can offer a new and independent perspective on a collection.

Furthermore, Nonterritorial provides an alternative for those collectors who may not have the time or the resources to build their private museum.  It's not a matter of art market, but rather of people sharing the passion and the engagement with art.
Nonterritorial grows its list of unique locations in Europe, focusing at the moment on Italy and France but with the wider possibility of involving any other country. Locations are provided by collectors and art lovers, who will then help us to access the local scenes, the circles of curious audiences. Nonterritorial continuously develops new locations.

It begins from creating high-end audiovisual documentation of the artwork and all the elements required to present the collection. Then Nonterritorial translates the material into cinematically arranged narratives, based on curatorial or other angles of presentation. Once the location is selected, a unique adaptive concept of the exhibition is developed for each specific space.

Technical information
The process begins by generating interest from collectors, curators, hosts, and other participants, to initiate the conversation. Then, according to the chosen direction, in-depth development of the audiovisual documentation follows.

Once a location or multiple locations are chosen, the further development, based on time and place, is announced and promoted to local and international audiences. 

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