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Nonterritorial is an audiovisual studio devoted to experiential forms of art and facilitates interactions between artists and spectators. It opens possibilities for artists to engage with audiences in novel ways. We want to break new ground: how and where artists create artworks, the scope of the exhibition models available, the background against which spectators discover and experience art.

We aim to create a new kind of art experiences, a ‘Cinematic Preview’ living network, and invite audiences to experience a range of artwork, from the material to the immaterial, without disciplinary or geographic limitations. From small to large-scale experiences in private and public contexts worldwide, art collections are represented in a ‘Cinematic Preview’ form, while audiences get to experience it in unexpected ways.

Nonterritorial continuously adapts to new contexts and new curatorial concepts, and aims to express them through 'Cinematic Preview’ installations and lounges. The ’Cinematic Previews’ are organized by a guest curator, who can offer a new and independent perspective on a collection.  Furthermore, Nonterritorial provides an alternative for those collectors who may not have the time or the resources to build their private museum. 

The ‘Cinematic Preview’ experience format allows museums and collectors to showcase their collections to a global audience without moving the artwork itself.

Nonterritorial aims to create a rotating 'Cinematic Previews' of curated exhibitions from private to public collections internationally. It adapts to a variety of locations, scope, and length, and presents the public with a different idea of art. 

'Cinematic Previews' are composed of cinematography, installation, space, scenography and sound, which allow to create and express new experiential narratives. It spans a wide array of mediums, integrating film, sound, photography, sculpture, performance, and site-specific installations.

What museums and collectors gain from this is high-end audiovisual documentation of the artwork, and also the opportunity to share it with international audiences and engage in the conversation with the public in multiple geographies.

Spectators gain access and knowledge of in-depth, aesthetically ambitious experiences in a variety of contexts and locations around the world. The ‘Cinematic Preview’ takes the spectator into an unexpected different world, which explores the artwork with entirely new narratives.

Nonterritorial grows its list of unique locations internationally, focusing on bridging Europe and other continents with the broader possibility of involving any country or location. Contextually Nonterritorial’s ‘Cinematic Previews’ can be hosted by private or public museums, or any other meaningful location suitable to engage with wider audiences and explore new forms of engagement.

Following an extensive period of development, Nonterritorial ‘Cinematic Preview’ program will be opening in the spring of 2020. We are inviting museums and individual collectors to participate in creating an ongoing art experience program.

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