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Art without geographic limitations

Nonterritorial is looking for New territories, New categories, New relational landscapes which would suggest to open up to new ways and forms of experiencing art.

Museums and collectors are looking for more than new relationships between artwork and spectator. They are searching for new ways of exposure and new structures that will contain those possibilities.

More and more collectors and museums own meaningful collections of art that are not so easy to introduce to the public. Many unique artworks or assembled collections are hidden in storages, and not accessible to the wider world.

Recently every narrative structure, an artwork, an exhibition, a film, a video, became too efficient. There’s no time for distraction. There’s no time to find your own time in the narrative. Rather than becoming a part of the experience, you are held at a distance. There is no possible dialogue between (it) and you. The majority of exhibitions are too efficient, too seamless, too expected.

Nonterritorial aims to re-distribute active and passive. Another mode of sharing 'time and space' between artwork and spectator and defining art as an experience.

A New set of parameters. New mapping. The New relational landscape which is always expanding and a New way to engage with the public.

Nonterritorial suggests a gateway for a variety of geographies and its artists to the international space, and also a bridge linking the different art scenes themselves. This is about new levels of perception, about the intangible more than tangible, and about the amplification of poetics.

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